The Destination

A Cycladic escape

Paros is one of the new favorite destinations around the world, a unique island, located in the center of the Cyclades archipelago. Cosmopolitan and at the same time authentic and unspoiled, Paros has a strong identity of its own. The incredible beaches, the rough landscape, the Byzantine monuments, the Venetian castles, the picturesque villages, the list is endless. Paros invites you to look deeper in its culture, to search beyond the obvious.

To look for its people, its traditions, its flavors. All these that shape Paros’s special identity, that charming balance between the luxurious and the bohemian, the cosmopolitan and the authentic. After all it is this very balance that makes this island so interesting. No matter how many times you visit Paros, there will always be a new secret to unravel.

The smell of wild herbs in the air, the bright afternoon light, the gentle breeze, the inviting, peaceful coves. Paros is the essence of Greek summer.